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Are they crazy?

Foreign stuff.

The debate

McCain suspended


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Little Mosque on the Prairie: Friend of Dorothy.

Corner Gas: Hank and the birdbath.

Katt Williams: War.

John Pinette: Camping.

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Moose lips.

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Joe My God posted this yesterday, but I’m just now catching up. Finally, a video of some of those “working class whites” who supported Hillary but prefer McCain to Obama. Pretty much as expected.

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Jebus. It’s absolutely terrifying to think that this crazy woman could be governor of a state. Imagine her as President of the United States. Sure, it would be funny the first time she rebuked North Korea in the name of Jesus, but after a while …

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All bets are off.

Okay, I know what I said about watching my language and not using so much profanity, but all bets are off, because — oh, my fucking God — have you fucking seen this?

Seriously, what the hell?

A party representing roughly half of this once great country actually chose this halfwit, this embarrassment, this stupid fucking bitch, as the best person to be next in line for the presidency. Just how fucking stupid are you, America? Are you really this fucking stupid? Palin stupid?

I don’t believe it. I don’t believe, America, that you’re really as fucking stupid as the Republicans think you are. I hope I’m right. Please, show me that I’m right about you.

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Christian bigots in California and elsewhere, feeling a sense of urgency about writing their bigotry into law, are urging their co-religionists to fast and pray for the abolition of same-sex marriage in California. Well, sort of. They’re not planning any real, old-time fasting.

Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego plans to gather a group of maybe 100 young people around him to wallow in religious delusion while subsisting on soup and juice, all in the hope that God will smile on their political aspirations.

Gone are the days when Christian ascetics would deny themselves in the pursuit of God; gone, the days when Christian penitents would live on bread and water for years in token of their repentance. The bland and boring Christians of today don’t even have any sins to repent of. They have to spend all their time repenting of the sins of others, and they don’t even have the imagination for any great ascetic deeds. None of them flee into the desert with a loaf of bread; there are none of them standing atop a pillar to avoid distractions, or renouncing the world to commune with the Almighty. Just a lot of self-righteous teens eating soup.

It’s really kind of sad.

The ludicrous hypocrisy of the Mormon and Catholic crusaders aside, here’s one way you can tell your religion is over: You think teenagers slurping soup in terror of homosexuality is a great spiritual exploit.

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