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8 years.

8 years summed up in a single picture.


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Republican change.

Steve Conley sums it up:


Shrub was actually a second-term governor, but the Rethugs have become less discriminating, I guess.

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If you’re not reading Pam’s House Blend every day, you should. Another must-read from the Blend:

Why doesn’t Bush want veterans voting?

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Everybody’s getting a big chuckle at the expense of our esteemed Governor, Mark Sanford. Sanford, a McCain supporter and erstwhile possible running mate of McCain’s, was unable to name a single difference between McCain’s economic policy and George Bush’s economic policy:

Happy as I always am to make fun of my own state, and eager as I am to make fun of Mark Sanford, you’ve just gotta give the guy a break. It was an impossible question, after all. Roy Blunt couldn’t think of any differences:

Lindsey Graham couldn’t:

I can’t think of anybody who has successfully named any differences. If somebody asked you to name any differences between McCain’s policy and Bush’s policy, could you do it? Could McCain? Mark Sanford may be the best governor South Carolina has had since Jim Hodges, but dammit, he’s only human.

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The worst president in the history of the United States is in Japan for his last G8 summit, where he will try to convince Angela Merkel not to phase out Germany’s nucular power plants. Merkel is expected to stand firm on the idea that Germany is still, in fact, a sovereign nation and capable of making its own internal decisions.

Bush & Merkel

Next year’s G8 summit is scheduled to be held in Italy, and will presumably be hosted by Silvio Berlusconi, who hasn’t been indicted lately and is expected to remain out of prison indefinitely. Italian food, Italian wine, and no Shrub. You just know the G8 leaders can hardly wait.

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Happy 4th!

From www.someecards.com:


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