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“The operation of Wayne Simoes’ mind.”

In March 2007, Irma Marquez’ niece was hit with a bottle at La Fonda restaurant in Yonkers, New York. EMTs were called, and Marquez, a middle-aged home health aide, was also trying to tend to her niece, bending over her while the EMTs were working. An officer took Marquez gently by the arm and backed her up, and she accidentally stepped on the foot of another officer. At that point Yonkers police officer Wayne Simoes approached and shoved Marquez’ shoulder. Marquez apparently objected to being shoved, and Simoes grabbed her by the waist, lifted her in the air and slammed her face-first into a tile floor before handcuffing her. The whole incident was captured on security video.

Irma MarquezMarquez was knocked unconscious. She suffered a broken jaw and extensive bruising and had to be hospitalized for four days. The city sided with Simoes, and charged Marquez with obstruction of justice. After a jury acquitted her this May, she filed an $11.3 million dollar lawsuit against the police department. The FBI arrested Simoes yesterday and accused him of violating Marquez’ rights.

Now the police department and the District Attorney’s office are thinking maybe they didn’t handle this case so well, after all.

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“I was trying to hit him.”

On 24 June 2007, in Greenwood County, South Carolina Highway Patrolman, Lance Corporal Steve Garren, struck a then-unknown suspect with his car as the man tried to flee. Dashboard video recorded Garren saying, “I nailed the (expletive) out of him; I was trying to hit him.” The suspect, later identified as Marvin Grant, got away, but later turned himself in. Garren was suspended for two days for the incident. This month, he was indicted on a federal charge of violating the suspect’s civil rights.

“He’s had 15 years on the Patrol; he’s got a wife and kids,” says Garren’s lawyer. “They’ve lumped all these videos together — it’s unfair.”

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