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I think I’m done being a patsy for politicians. It’s time for LGBTs to quit voting for people who don’t support full legal equality for LGBTs, or who don’t match their actions to their words.

We need to quit sending them our money, quit putting up signs, quit making phone calls, quit attending fundraisers, quit putting bumper stickers on our vehicles, and above all, quit voting for the sons of bitches.

I’m not talking about Republicans.

It seems that New York Governor David Paterson and his party have conspired to do absolutely nothing about marriage equality. (Source.)

During the recent election, the Indiana Democratic State Committee paid for an anti-gay flier that was distributed by an anti-gay Democratic candidate. (Source.)

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both opposed marriage equality. Barack isn’t even in office yet, and his supporters are already making excuses for what they expect to be his lack of action on equal rights.

Starting now, I don’t support any politician who doesn’t work for full equality.

Barack Obama doesn’t support same-sex marriage? Fuck him.

Barney Frank wants to sacrifice transfolk to advance lesbian and gay rights? Fuck him, too.

The Human Rights Campaign supports a non-inclusive version of ENDA? Fuck them above all.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get it. For years now, I’ve been deriding people who say they’re working to change their homophobic churches from within. I should have seen this years ago.

If we think we’re going to change the system from within, we’re wrong. Any politician, even a gay politician, will screw over his supporters to protect his own position, and voters everywhere — our parents, our siblings, our co-workers, our friends — have shown that they will always vote to deprive us of our rights. We are tolerated but not accepted. Remember that.

If we want equal rights, politics is not the way to get there from here. I’ll still support a politician who really works for equality, but I’m not going to invest any energy in those who don’t, or those who equivocate.

I don’t think the Democrats can win without us. If we withdraw our support, they lose. That also means, by the way, that the Democratic Black and Latin Christians who hate queers lose, too. Up till now, they’ve been getting our support for free, then spitting on us every chance they get. That needs to end now. Right now. Support full legal equality for LGBTs, or we walk. Period.

“But … but … but … Then the Republicans will win!”

So what? Let them win. If the Democrats can’t move to advance equality, let the goddamned Republicans win every election in the United States. Let them drag this country down into their whirlpool of insanity. It’s a country that hates us, a country that is doggedly committed to excluding us from equality, so let them have it. If the Democrats don’t like that, they can always change it by getting serious about equal rights.

If our community could find the strength of conviction to take that position, I think we could have full equality in six years. Without that strength of conviction, we will all surely live and die as second-class citizens.

Whether we win or lose, though, let’s try a little honesty. Let’s try a little accountability, and not just for the Mormons and the Catholics and all the other low-life religious freaks who think it’s God’s will for them to kick us in the teeth. Let’s try some accountability for our so-called friends. For our “friends” above all.


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Via Pam’s House Blend. Spotted at the protest at the Mormon temple in New York.

What's next?

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Fight H8On Saturday, we’ll protest Proposition 8 in every state of the Union. The vast majority of protests will be held at 1:30 in the afternoon, Eastern time. (That’s 12:30 Central, 11:30 Mountain, and 10:30 Pacific. Make sure to check Join the Impact, though; some protests are scheduled at alternate times or on alternate days.

At this writing, there are 25 protests planned in the Southeast:

Fight the H8 - Southeastern protests

Bring your own signs, and come out to demand equality. If you need some ideas for signs, check here: Protest Signs.

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Thanks, Keith.

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With 74% of precincts reporting, CNN projects a win for Arizona’s anti-gay Prop 102.

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Seal of ConnecticutThe Supreme Court of Connecticut ruled today in a 4 to 3 decision that Connecticut’s marriage law is unconstitutional because it discriminates against gay people.

The ruling means that same-sex marriages will be allowed in Connecticut, which is now the third state in the Union to extend marriage equality to gay folks.

Isn’t it about time for New Jersey to step up?

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Joe Biden has been on my permanent shit list since 1996, when he voted for what was falsely called the Defense of Marriage Act, so I should not have been surprised when he reiterated his opposition to equal rights for lesbian and gay couples during last night’s debate. Nevertheless, I was. I keep expecting Democrats to come around to supporting equal rights for LGBTs, and I keep on being disappointed.

Now, I knew that Biden wasn’t going to come out in favor of marriage equality; I haven’t been living in a cave. But I didn’t expect him to adopt the rhetoric of the religious right by saying that equal rights under the law would redefine marriage. I didn’t expect him to stand before the American people and spout such nonsense as he did last night.

He says, “Look, in an Obama-Biden administration, there will be absolutely no distinction from a constitutional standpoint or a legal standpoint between a same-sex and a heterosexual couple.”

He says that “there should be no civil rights distinction, none whatsoever, between a committed gay couple and a committed heterosexual couple.”

Except that there should be a distinction. Biden will not countenance the “redefining” of marriage. He won’t support the extension of full equality under the law to our families. He believes we should be sort of equal, but not really. There should be absolutely no legal distinction, but there should be. Bitch, please.

He knows very well that people like me will overcome our revulsion for his bigotry and his patronizing condescension, if only because the opposition is so very much worse. I doubt, though, that he could understand the utter contempt in which I hold him and his offer of crumbs from his table.

My permanent shit list is permanent for a reason. I guess I can thank Biden for reminding me of that.

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