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8 years.

8 years summed up in a single picture.


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Hurricane GustavIt’s official. The reason the upcoming Rethug Convention will be subdued and uninspiring is not because the party no longer has anything to say or anything to offer, but because of Hurricane Gustav. Linda Lingle, Governor of Hawaii, was on MSNBC today saying, “There is some dampening because of the problem there in the South. … partying when others are facing tragedy is not the right thing to be doing.”

Of course, that’s true. People will be facing tragedy this week, and that’s no time for a party. If there hadn’t been a hurricane, things would have been different. There wouldn’t have been anybody facing tragedy. There were no Americans without health insurance, and no American workers whose jobs had been moved overseas by rapacious corporate executives; there was nobody facing tragedy in Iraq or Afghanistan or anything. If it just hadn’t been for this damned hurricane, boy, the Rethugs could have had a hell of party, but Gustav changes everything.

Shrub and Dick won’t be going to the convention at all, again because of Gustav. It’s not because three quarters of the people in the United States hate their guts. Really, it’s not. It’s because of Gustav.

ShrubShrub will be overseeing federal response to Gustav, first from Washington and then from Houston. It’s very important, they say, for him “to be seen” taking this threat seriously. And after all, there’s no effective way for the federal government to communicate with anybody in Minnesota. It’s vital that Shrub use his super brain and the power of his righteousness to protect the people of the Gulf coast, so obviously he can’t be gallivanting off to some convention.

Insane Train McCain and Mrs Bud, with Miss Congeniality, decided to go to Mississippi today to get a briefing on the hurricane, presumably, again, because it’s very important that they get this information in Mississippi. Miss Congeniality, one may assume, is also poised to fly to Anchorage in the event it becomes necessary to deploy her troops to the Gulf.

DickOne hopes the Rethugs will try and see if their crack team of creation scientists can’t possibly devise some means of communicating with people at a distance. Audio and even video communication with people far away would be a tremendous boon to the operation of government, if only such communications were possible.

Most serious of all is Dick’s response. Having canceled his appearance at the convention because of the impending landfall of Hurricane Gustav, Dick will instead be visiting Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, and Italy. Because, you know … well, I’m sure it has something to do with Gustav. Really.

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